Kitten Essentials Checklist

So you’ve decided to add a little furry addition to your home. Kittens are cute, cuddly and have wonderful personalities. As exciting as it is, however, it can be stressful for your kitten coming into a new environment.

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The best thing you can do for your new pet is to be prepared. Here are a few things that are kitten essentials for an easy transition before bringing your little fur baby home.

Food and Water

Kittens need food and water – that goes without mentioning. A basic essential to have is a little food and water dish. Small dishes are good because they offer proportions perfect for a kitten. Little porcelain bowls are great but bear in mind that porcelain does break rather easily.

If you have other animals in the house and want to keep your kitten’s water off the ground, stainless steel is the way to go. Stainless steel is also easier to clean and keeps any bacteria away that can grow in a more porous environment.

Your kitten has probably only recently begun to eat solid food so you will want to find a kitten food brand that will be soft for their new teeth and also for their tummies. Canned food mixed with some specially formulated kitten food can help your kitty with their healthy diet.

A Safe Place

Your kitten is tiny and everything will not only be new, but huge. Designating an area of your home just for your new addition will help them to acclimate to their new atmosphere.

This is especially important if you have other pets. Introductions can often be chaotic and stressful for all fur children and having a designated space for your kitten will allow everyone to take a breather and slowly adjust.

Litter and Litter Box

You will definitely want a spot picked out for your litter box before bringing your kitten home. Once home, that will be the first place you want to show your kitten. If they know exactly where they are supposed to go to the bathroom, it will be easier to litter box train them in their new atmosphere.

Odors are the name of the game with litter boxes. There are many varieties of odor eliminating litters out there to choose from or you can try a covered litter box. A covered litter box not only contains any litter effectively but also keeps it from tracking throughout the house. Your kitten will also enjoy some privacy while going to the bathroom. We recommend the AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box  which can completely contain odors effectively. Bonus – it’s also super easy to clean.


Whether you have a kitten or a senior cat, this resource helps you quickly identify potential problems, take proper steps in emergency situations, better understand diagnoses and treatment options, and communicate more effectively with your veterinarian.


Be prepared for your kitten to shed its fur. Grooming your kitten can help consolidate the loose fur and keep your furniture from being overrun by balls of fur. Brushing your kitten also stimulates their skin for a healthier coat. It also provides for a great bonding experience between you and your new pet as well.

We recommend the CELEMOON Ultra-Soft Washable Cat Grooming Brush as a great option for your kitten’s tender skin. It will not scratch but will feel like a massage to them. It is also easy to clean and will eliminate most of your kitten’s shedding.

Visiting Your Vet

If you don’t already have a vet in mind, go ahead and call around to find a veterinarian that will be a good fit for your kitten. Make an appointment for your kitty’s first official check-up upon coming home.

You’ll want to make sure that it has all of its shots current as well as information to spay or neuter (if you decide to go that route). Your vet can give you tips on what kind of food to feed your kitten as well as what to expect as it grows into adulthood.

Having a vet on hand is also good in the event that your little one gets sick. Of course, we all hope it doesn’t come to that, but having peace of mind and someone to call is always a good idea.

Play Time

Kittens are naturally playful and curious so you will want to have some toys on hand before bringing your little one home. This is also a great way to help them become more comfortable in their new environment. Toys encourage them to come out of hiding and let them learn that they don’t have to be afraid.

Once they feel comfortable at home however, your snuggly kitten may decide to pretend your furniture is a jungle where they can climb and scratch to their heart’s content.

To save your furniture and your sanity, find a cat scratcher post that encourages scratching. This keeps your playful bundle of joy from ruining your furniture while still getting to explore its wild side.

A great toy to consider for your feline is the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. Its design doesn’t only entertain your little one but allows your kitten to claw to its heart’s content. This is also great for preventing its little claws from becoming too sharp. Featuring a ball that rolls around a little track and doesn’t come out, your new pet will be kept busy for a long time.

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Getting a new pet is always exciting and getting a new kitten is a guaranteed cuddly, fun time.  Preparing the ultimate ‘welcome home’ with a checklist of all the things you need will help you in your new transition so that you can focus on making sure your kitten has the least stressful time adapting.

With all of  your essentials for the little one, you will help your kitten’s transition be a fun and comfortable one. Most of all, preparing for your new kitten will help them feel safe and loved.  Congratulations on your new addition!

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