Paws & Pals Cat Scratcher Lounge Review 2019

Best Cat Toys Reviews

Like dogs, cats are household pets most homeowners choose to have. They’re cute, cuddly and active domestic animals who enjoy your attention as much as you enjoy their company. However, like any other pet, cats have animal instincts that can get frustrating whenever not cared for. Scratching is a common issue among cats. Fortunately, having … Read more

Best Scratching Post for Large Cats: Three Recommended Picks

Best Scratching Post for Large Cats

Many people can attest that having cats at home can surely take the stress and tensions of their hectic lives. These creatures have endearing virtues and characteristics, which make them lovable pets. But owning a cat also has its downside, particularly, seeing scratches on furniture. This is why it is a great idea to invest … Read more

The Best Cat Scratcher : Say No to Damaged Furniture at Home

The Best Cat Scratcher

Cats are endearing pets to have at home. They follow their owners around, seek attention and love being cuddled. However, owning a cat has its downside, too, namely damaged or scratched furniture and finishing at home. After all, this particular animal is biologically programmed to scratch surfaces but, luckily, cat owners can buy the best … Read more