How Much Cat Litter to Put in Box (We’ve Got You Covered)

New cat owners can easily assume that the more cat litter in the box, the better. It is not always the case. For most, the amount of cat litter to be used is a very pressing issue and can affect how consistently your cat will use it. And, how it can have an impact on your place, too.

So, just how much cat litter should be put in the litter box?


How Deep Should The Cat Litter Be?

It is important to understand that every cat is different and each of them prefers different things. I have two cats at home. The first one is the digger and likes lots of litter while the other one favours a shallow pan.

The first one takes forever to dig and find the perfect spot, the other won’t do his job until they touch the bottom of the pan. Regardless of their behaviour towards their litter boxes, you have to make sure that you put just the right amount of litter.

Remember, you can get the best litter on the market but if you don’t know how much to put, it can just create problems for your cat and you.

The quick answer to the question is about 2 to our inches of litter in each litter box you own. This is so that your cat will have enough litter to dig in and to use for cover. However, it should not be so deep that it gets kicked out of the box.

Too Much Litter

Using too much litter, as mentioned, will just end up being kicked out of the box and onto your floor. This will just add up to your cleaning tasks as it will not just be the litter box you will clean, but the floor too. Getting the litter kicked out of the box will leave you with tracks everywhere.

Even if your litter box is the covered type, if there is too much litter inside, it will easily find its way onto your floor.

Aside from the additional cleaning tasks, using too much is very wasteful. Remember how regularly that you will need to empty the litter and scrub them out? So much of them will just be put to waste.

No, not because you’ve put more than enough litter that the smell and the cleaning up process will be bearable.

Not Enough Litter

On the other hand, using too little litter is a repugnance waiting to happen. Too little litter will leave the litter box with odour problems since urine will have not much place to be absorbed with. It will just sit on the bottom of the litter.

Cats are known to be neat freaks. If their litter box smells odourful, it will keep them from going in there to take their business.

Cats Behaviour Towards Litter Boxes

Cats’ natural behaviour is to dig, eliminate, and then cover her elimination of the soil, which in our domesticated lives, the litter. It is their survival instinct and this is especially true even with the most spoilt indoor cat.

It there is not enough litter, they will have a hard time looking for a clean spot in the box. This will leave them reluctant to attempt to cover. It may be a simple thing, but it stresses them out, big time. Do not give her reason to use your living room as her huge litter box, instead.


Monthly Cost of a Cat Litter

To find out the precise costs of cat litters in a box, we need to look at some considerations:

  • Size of the litter box
  • Number of litter boxes you have
  • Number of cats you have
  • Brand type of litter you use

Let’s take one box to calculate monthly cat litter costs. To begin with, let’s identify the three main types of litter:

  1. Clumping – works pretty good at absorbing moisture and controlling odors. ($.076 per lb)
  2. Non-clumping – constituent litter particles do not clump together even when soaked in urine ($0.68 per lb)
  3. Crystals – highly absorbent, controls odour well and is almost dust-free ($1.98 per lb)

Looking at the figures, the amount will be highly dependable on the type of litter you choose. Now, going to the monthly cost of cat litter, assuming you are using 3” for one 18 x 24” box.

Clumping Cat Litter

The average cost of clumping cat litter is $17.05 per 40 lb bag. If you are changing your litter every week, which is the recommendation, you will use the whole bag in a month, leaving you an expense of about $17-20 a month.

Non-Clumping Cat Litter

There is not a huge difference in the price of non-clumping from clumping litter. Assuming you will use the same amount of litter to the same dimensions of a litter box, your monthly litter expense should be around $17-20 a month.

Crystal Cat Litter

The average price of crystal cat litter is almost $2 per lb. Yes, it is the most expensive but, you must bear in mind the sustainability the makers of this cat litter had in mind when they developed this. With a cost of $60/month, you won’t have to do a full litter change. You will only need to remove crystals that have turned yellow. So, you really don’t have as much waste.


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With your cat’s finicky bathroom habits, keeping their litter boxes up to the standards is important. Otherwise, you will be dealing with a regular mess at home. Always remember the general rule in litter boxes;

  • Litter boxes should be located in a spot where the cat gets some privacy but is also convenient, too. Avoid places near noisy and heat-radiating appliances. It is not advisable to put the box in the basement where the cement floor is cold. This will leave your cat less pleased and they’d end up doing their business someplace else.
  • The recommended litter boxes you should have is one litter box for each cat, plus one. This is so that no cat should hold their bowels just because one litter box is occupied.

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