Partysaving Pet Palace Review : Is It A Good Choice?

Scratching is one of your cat’s natural instincts. Even if it makes you feel devastated every time a piece of your furniture gets damaged, you should know that scratching makes them feel good because they satisfy the urge to do it. This and for other many reasons, cat owners have learned to introduce scratching posts to their pets.

You must be well aware by now that scratching posts come in different shapes, sizes, and textures, and introducing and training your cat to use it can be challenging and may end up into a series of trials and errors. But it is better than having to spend on getting your damaged furniture replaced or repaired, right?

Now, we also understand that choosing and purchasing the right scratching post is easier said than done. Good thing you came across this article for in this post, we will talk about the features, highlights, and some minor drawbacks of the Partysaving Pet Palace Cat Claw Scratching Post, one of the best cat claw toys on the market. We will also compare it to other popular items to help you with your search.

Partysaving Pet Palace Cat Claw Scratching Post

Partysaving Pet Palace Review

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Partysaving Pet Palace believes that pets are family and that they deserve the best, and so they strive and work to provide easily accessible and affordable high-quality pet products for pet owners to appreciate. And to bring happiness to your pets, they make sure that the items are meticulously constructed and thoroughly crafted.  The partysaving pet palace cat claw scratching post has many features your cats will love.


  • Sisal Post

The scratching post is wrapped in sisal which is durable. It is critical that the post is durable and sturdy so you can secure and prevent it from falling which will cause your pet to startle.

At 14 inches in height, and it provides enough space for your cat to scratch, stretch, and play. It is recommended that you get a scratching post tall enough for your pet to fully extend its body while using it.

  • Soft Faux Fur

The base of this scratching post has a soft faux fur which your cat will find comfortable and pleasing. You should keep in mind that your pet must like the post for it to want to scratch on it. If the item causes any discomfort, then you might not be able to convince it to use it ever again. The soft base that this post features will surely make your cat like it.

  • Mouse Toy

Apart from the materials this post is made up of, a hanging mouse toy added to bring fun to your pet. Aside from being the cuddly and fluffy pet that they are, we should not forget that they have hunting instincts that need to be satisfied, too. The mouse toy not only makes it fun for them but somehow addresses their need to make use of their hunting skills.


  • Aids in preventing your pet from clawing, scratching, and creating damage to your home and furniture.
  • Is a good alternative for declawing.
  • Durable, sturdy, and has the right texture that will satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch.
  • Easy to assemble with materials that are safe for both your pet and yourself.

Minor Drawback

  • It is lightweight at 2.67 lbs and may not work well with bigger cats who can make it fall easily.

PARTYSAVING PET Palace Cat Claw Scratching Sisal Post 19-inch Tall for Kittens and Cats with Toy Mouse, APL1345, Brown
  • Aids in preventing your cat from scratching, clawing, and creating irreversible damage to your furniture.
  • Sturdy base is padded with faux fur, making it soft and plush.
  • Durable sisal rope wraps the post, creating the perfect surface for your cats scratching urges.
  • Play mouse attached at top of post for playful fun.
  • Dimensions: 13 X 11.25 x 19 in (*19-inch Tall)

Comparison to Other Products

Apart from this item, there are other scratching posts popular on the market today which are as competitive. Let’s find out more about them.

Trixie Pet Products Parla Scratching Post

This scratching post will provide opportunities for your cat to explore, play, relax, or scratch. The post will sharpen their claws and serve as a healthy outlet for their urge to scratch. The post is covered in durable natural sisal with a sturdy base which is wrapped in soft plush. It is made up of CARB Phase II compliant wood and is suitable for all ages and all of your cat’s activity levels.

Four Paws Super Catnip Carpet and Sisal Scratching Post

The combination of the sisal and carpet material provides your cat different surfaces and textures to enjoy. It also comes with a hanging catnip ball which provides extra entertainment while your cat is scratching. It is sturdy, durable and is 21 inches tall making it suitable even for larger cats.

You & Me Cat Scratch Post

This scratching post is 17.5 inches tall with a surface that is 100% scratchable. It comes with two hanging feather toys which add fun and entertainment while your cat is scratching, and they are replaceable, too. Its materials are made of neutral colors so it can easily fit the interiors of any home.

The Verdict

After a thorough review of the features, highlights, and minor drawback of the Partysaving Pet Palace Cat Claw Scratching Post and comparing it to other related items out on the market, can we say that it is a good choice?

Well, we can say that it is a good choice for smaller cats since it is only 14 inches tall. It has a soft base which can provide comfort while your cat is scratching, plus it includes a mouse toy which adds fun and entertainment for your cat.

However, if you have a larger cat, the Four Paws Super Catnip Carpet and Sisal Scratching Post is a better option since it is 21 inches tall with different texture and surface options.

The Trixie Pet Products Parla Scratching Post, on the other hand, is 24.5 inches tall with a post wrapped in natural sisal and a sturdy base, but it does not include a toy for your pet’s entertainment while the You & Me Cat Scratch Post includes two feather toys but is only 17.5 inches tall.

Overall, each scratching post all offer features which aim to aid in your cat’s scratching urges and help prevent your furniture from getting damaged. The size and the materials are critical factors to look out for.

However, it is best to remember that aside from choosing the right post, your introduction and training will make a more significant impact on developing your pet’s scratching habits.

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