When to Replace a Cat Scratching Post

When is it Time to Replace a Cat Scratching Post?

Many people ask the question when to replace a cat scratching post? Well, it depends on a few things. Is the post worn out from heavy use, or has come to nothing by water damage or cat pee? Are you able to repair the scratching post with sisal rope or using carpet if your a DIY kind of person.

Replace your cat scratching posts that are well-used to fight off  being bored and damaging something else.  The scratching post you bought has served its purpose and its time to move on to a new cat scratching post large enough for your cat.

When to Replace a Cat Scratching Post?

How Often to Change Cat Scratching Post?

When it comes to changing out the scratching post take a little time to check over a few things and look at different styles and options.  Your cat might just thank you!  You might even want to try to clean the scratching post if you think there is still some life left in the post.   Scratching posts last a fair amount time when taken care of and the design is a sturdy and stable build.

Often times the space you might have for a scratching post might not work for one style or you may just find that a horizontal cat scratching post is better than a vertical design…

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When to Replace a Cat Scratching Post?

To help prevent damaged furniture and boredom ensure you have multiple cat scratching posts. So make sure you have at least two pieces of cat furniture for your feline, cat toys also will provide hours of entertainment.

If the cat has stopped using the scratching post then better look into a replacement.  What to do with old cat tree, well you could replace the sisal rope and replace the carpet on the scratching.

Sisal rope, the most widely used material for most cat scratching posts.  Where to buy sisal rope you ask, click here to look at some top recommended Twisted Sisal Rope.

So as you contemplate if you should replace your cat scratching post, keep in mind your cat.  Because keeping your cat happy and healthy will keep you happy.

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