Where to Buy Sisal Rope for Cat Tree

So, you have that DIY inspiration and the cat tree is in need of some tender loving care to replace the old rope. But where to buy sisal rope for cat tree? We’ve compiled a list some of the best sisal material and related products to use for a cat tree makeover.

What Kind of Rope Do You Use For a Cat Tree?

Sisal rope is the top choice for replacement rope material on any cat scratching post or cat tree.  Cats love the feel of sisal. Below is a list of different items used to wrap rope on your cats favourite tree or posts.

Best Material to Use for Cat Furniture


 A Closer Look at Sisal Rope Products




Other Items Good to Have Around For DIY Cat Tree or Scratching Post Project

Stapler, Glue, and a Knife just to name a few items.

If all else fails you can simply purchase a new Cat Tree for your feline too. Check out some of the new modern cat trees HERE.


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